Urunwa Computers Holds Health Talk, Competitions For Community Youths And Pupils

Urunwa Computers Holds Health Talk, Competitions For Community Youths And Pupils

By Izunna Okafor

In her bid to groom young talents and make the society a better place to live, the Austine Urunwa Computers, a multipurpose computer institute based in Ebenator, Nnewi South Local Government Area of Anambra State has yet made another impactful mark, as it held sensitization program and competitions for youth and pupils of the community.

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December 2017, when I called out Soul’e Rhymez for organising an award night and failing to fulfil his financial pledges to the winners (or supposed award winning recipients) who in stead ended up with card boards tagged as certificates, some people over this space regarded me as being aggressive and hot blooded. While it’s not my migraine that two years is almost up and SRAF is yet to redeem her image, here comes another denigrating one from a rather reputable organisation — Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) and disappointment is an understatement for what I feel. I’m irritated by the fact that old men who ought to leave a worthwhile example of honesty and fair play are now webbed up in shoddy, muddy games. But just like ‘Femi Fairchild Morgan said in a recent gathering, ‘the problem of this generation is that we have so many old men but few elders.’ When the child commits a sacrilege, we run to the elders. When the elders are found wanting, who do we run to?

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I never went to a professional art school – Alexander Oriaifo – Hyperrealism Pencil Artiste | StraightTalkWithBenneth

Alexander Oriaifo is a Nigerian hyperrealism pencil Artiste. His works have been observed to be detailed with high level of precision and mastery that they can be mistaken for an actual photograph taken with a camera. Alex has great confidence in execution of imaginative concepts, transforming even the most tasking subjects into beautiful art forms.

In this interview, on StraightTalkWithBenneth, the artist who also doubles as a medical practitioner talks about his Life, growing up and his works.

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My dad made me a boxer – Ekpelimode Sophia, Nigerian female boxer| Straight Talk With Benneth.

On Straight Talk With Benneth, I was excited to get to know more about the determined and hard-working Nigerian female boxer, Ekpelimode Sophia – the Delta State boxer behind the medals and headlines at the just concluded Nigeria Sports Festival.

Our conversation culminated into a discussion about being yourself, discipline and motivation.

I’m very thrilled to have you join me. Welcome to straight talk with Benneth.

Thank you.

Let get started. Please introduce yourself briefly. How was life growing up? Where were you born?

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